Al Sultan Restaurant

Al Sultan Restaurant

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 5pm - 10pm
Wednesday: 5pm - 10pm
Thursday: 11:00am- 2:30pm / 5pm - 10pm
Friday: 11:00am- 2:30pm / 5pm - 10pm
Saturday: 11:00am- 2:30pm / 5pm - 10pm
Sunday: 5pm - 10pm

Categories: Hospitality


Alsultan offers a celebration of the best of Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine. Our menu offers traditional Arabic dishes from all across the Middle East, all carefully prepared by our skilled kitchen staff. Even the most discerning foodie can enjoy traditional dishes from Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq, all made from the freshest local and finest ingredients.
Our menu is based around small samples of various dishes to start with, followed by grilled, fried and rice dishes. Mains are often accompanied by various salads and sides. Much of our food is best enjoyed with hummus and our freshly baked pita and Lebanese style bread. Please do not hesitate to ask any of our serving staff for recommendations to suit your preferences and needs. We will happily recommend the best combination of food to suit your taste. There are so many ways to enjoy our delicious foods!

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Uber Eats
1. Payment via debit or credit card via Uber EATS
2. Our delivery driver arrives at your premises and alerts you that they have arrived e.g. knock on your door.
3. Our delivery driver will stand about 2 meters away from you and ask for your name, then they will enter it and sign CV-19 on your behalf (this will show in the tracking information).
4. They'll then place your parcel down in front of them to complete the delivery or in a more appropriate place you indicate e.g. the doorstep.