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Desert Rose

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My business is called Desert Rose and I, Emma Frew-Tobaiwa, am a Wellness Coach.
One aspect, and probably the most important of my business is supporting clients with a food first aproach to health and well-being.
I am passionate about family health, in particular motherhood and ensuring women do not become depleted of nutrition, a positive mindset and lifestyle conditions during pregnancy, childbirth and into motherhood.
To do so I am super excited to offer my clients the Taste Success programme, founded by Naturopath Tracey Loughran.
Taste Success consists of a group of passionate health professionals, who provide a twelve-week wholefoods nutrition programme to clients. Taste Success has already improved the health and self-esteem of hundreds of clients.
Benefits of our programme:
Improved energy, mood, and sleep
Reduced cravings for sugar and carbohydrates
Improved gut function and hormone balance
Better sense of self-control around food
As well as the 12 week foundation programme there is a: Refresh, Gut, Skin and Mindset programme.
We have an excellent reputation for providing quality programmes and health care, and would love to introduce our programmes to you.
Please join me on a food first approach to wellness that will benefit the whole family.

Additional Information

1. Payment via internet banking or cash
2. Consults can be in person with masks to be worn and social distancing applied. Otherwise other options for consults include online consults via Zoom or another similar platform