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It’s easy to get confused when it comes to health and nutrition.

Do you have questions about what foods you should eat or whether you should take vitamins or mineral supplements?

Or do you need assistance to cope with the stress in your life?


Through my Naturopath and Nutritionist practice and long career as a Registered Nurse I can help answer your questions.

I offer individual consultations and group education classes. 

My specialty area is the care of the “mature adult (40 plus years) however, I enjoy providing holistic health care to individuals of all age groups, ensuring the specific needs of each client are met and providing guidance and practical advice in many areas including:

Nutrition & Lifestyle Management

Supplementation & Herbal Medicine

Stress & Weight Management, Improving Energy levels

Common Allergies, Detoxification, Immunity Support & Menopause

Chronic illnesses such as: Arthritis, Diabetes & Eczema

Maintaining a vegetable garden and using herbs for natural health and home remedies 

Relaxation Massage & Reiki Therapy


Additional Information

I have a centrally located clinic and also offer flexible online and mobile services to clients homes within Dunedin and nearby rural areas.