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Flourish Health Emporium

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Flourish Health Emporium is a leading integrative clinic in Dunedin, New Zealand. Our team of naturopaths and clinical nutritionists can support a wide variety of health concerns. We employ safe and effective natural therapies and champion healthy lifestyles to empower you to take control of your wellbeing. It is often the detail that sheds the light on the cause of their ill health. Our team act as health detectives to look at your current situation, medical history, nutritional intake and lifestyle.

We weave the art and science of naturopathic care into our consultations as there is never a one-size fits all approach. At your first appointment, you can expect to spend up to 45 minutes discussing your health and medical history. It’s important to us to hear your voice and understand your goals so we can develop a programme unique for you that is achievable and enjoyable.

When needed, we use investigative testing to delve deeper with standard and integrative pathology testing to understand the root causes of your health issues. Our personalised programmes use a combination of herbal medicines, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.

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Additional Information

1. During alert levels 3 and 4, all clinic appointments and services are digital or via phone appointment. Practitioner only products can be sent to you via couriers adhering to Covid-19 protocols.
2. Payment is completed via invoicing.