Freelance Office Rescue

Freelance Office Rescue

I don't have rigid opening hours. I complete work to meet your deadlines.

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I run a virtual assistant/finance management/systems improvement/EA extraordinaire business. In short, your Freelance Office Fairy. I have a full home office so offer all services including dictation, laminating and binding.

The benefit to you is that I can be as engaged with your business as much as *you* need. You are free of staff overheads and benefit from flexibility on your terms.

I do my thing well so that you can do your thing better. You need to get on with what *you* are good at. Let's work together.

I offer two free hours so that you can try me out. See my website, or connect with me on LinkedIn (

Additional Information

I can work remotely, so if you are able to send work to me electronically, I can work unhindered.

Once your business is back to normal, if you would like me to work from your premises, I can do that too.