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Terra MDC Ltd

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We provide a local engineering consultancy service for geotechnical investigations and civil engineering design for residential / commercial / industrial developments. This includes the scoping and design of retaining walls, roads and driveways plus foundation and earthworks design. We also provide emergency assistance and hazard assessment in times of flooding and landslides which can cause land and road access damage to your property. And finally if you live and work in the farming sector we are able to provide an irrigation dams engineering investigation and design service, working through from 50000m3 to >1Mm3 size reservoirs. These irrigation and water storage projects are low (

Additional Information

Our services are technical advisary and engineering consultancy design services so these can be undertaken remotely with no 'person to person' contact necessary. We would set up a short form agreement (SFA contract) with you to undertake those services and provide monthly invoices which can be paid online.