Vault 21

Vault 21

Monday: 11am - 10pm
Tuesday: 11am - 10pm
Wednesday: 11am - 10pm
Tuesday: 11am - 10pm
Friday: 11am - 10pm
Saturday: 11am - 10pm
Sunday: 11am - 10pm

Categories: Hospitality


Savour the finest fusion-inspired shared plates that will transform your usual dining experience to the next level through our new takeaway service. We have designed the menu with small plates to share, leading on to main sized meals that can be enjoyed with a side. Our kitchen team philosophy is to source the best ingredients, working closely with our suppliers and to treat the product with respect. We try to use different techniques to highlight the flavour of each dish, and we are always testing new dishes that we’d like to showcase to our guests.

Additional Information

1. Payment via debit or credit card via our website, choose either delivery or if you wish to pick up leave a delivery note. 2. You will receive an email or text which will inform you of your delivery or pick up time. 3. Our delivery driver arrives at your premises and alerts you that they have arrived e.g. knock on your door. 4. Our delivery driver will stand about 2 meters away from you and ask for your name, then they will enter it and sign CV-19 on your behalf (this will show in the tracking information). 5. They'll then place your parcel down in front of them to complete the delivery or in a more appropriate place you indicate e.g. the doorstep. 6. If you choose to pick up, there are carparks at the front of our premises which you can park in 7. Our server will then follow step 4 & 5 above.