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Vogel Street Physiotherapy & Pilates

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Vogel Street Physiotherapy & Pilates are continuing to provide assessment, diagnosis, education, advice and rehabilitation for Musculoskeletal Injury or Concern. TELEHEALTH assessments allow us to discuss symptoms as well as observe movement using clear and easy to understand instruction, movements specific to the area of injury as well as use 'special tests' to make the best educated treatment plan for you. Specific exercise based rehabilitation can be undertaken during the TELEHEALTH consultation and patients have access to our daily online Pilates classes run twice a day.

Additional Information

1. Call 027 474 0224 or email admin@vogelstreetphysiotherapy.co.nz to make an appointment.
2. A TELEHEALTH CONSENT FORM will be emailed to confirm CONSENT of service.
3. A ZOOM link will be sent to you via your email.
4. A Physiotherapist will conduct the service.
5. Payment can be made online via electronic funds transfer.