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Workplace Drug & Alcohol testing with qualified collectors and testers, supported by a suite of technology-leading products, verified and compliant to saliva drug standards NZS4760:2019 and urine drug standards NZS4308:2008. Results are provided on-the-spot followed up with expert knowledge and support. We do all types of testing including pre-employment, random, reasonable cause and post incident and accident. The Drugwise point of difference is that we specialise in Saliva testing for screening using the Draeger DT5000 (The only device certified to the NZS4760:2019 standard). Our testing will only register a not negative or positive result if the test subject provides has recently consumed drugs and is therefore likely impaired. It is more accurate and less invasive than the traditional urine testing.

Additional Information

1. On consultation with the company, testing is carried out at the workplace site or appropriate location at time specified
2. All Health & Safety practices are adhered to in consultation with the company.
3. Drugwise NZ have put in place Covid-19 testing protocols.
4. Tester will provide his/her own wellness declaration for the company with employee/s required to complete a wellness declaration also.
5. Screening and confirmation (if required) tests are carried out with a copy of the result left with the appropriate manager.
6. Payment via direct credit to nominated bank account, 20th of the month following.