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Reliable, practical solutions from a team of local IT Consultants that care about your business.

At OneCall we take your IT technology needs seriously and give you the best products and outstanding service, at the right price.

We are a New Zealand owned business with offices in Christchurch and Dunedin. Our team travel New Zealand wide to support our clients across the country, taking the time to get to know your business. With over 350 customers we have a variety of clients from small trades employing five to ten employees through to legal firms and schools employing 30+. We also have many customers in the not-for-profit and government sector with more than 300 employees needing enterprise wide support, infrastructure and services.

With one call to us, you can be assured that your IT service needs will be met every time.

Additional Information

OneCall has been open during the lockdowns as an essential businesses IT and telecommunications provider. Our customers were able to continue operating while leveraging our world-class cloud solutions, and our staff take hygiene and safety seriously as we navigate the Covid-19 lockdown levels.
Rest assured we have long implemented safe working practices including contactless delivery, social distancing and equipping our field staff with PPE gear.