Project Physique

Project Physique

We will not be back until we reach Level 2
Our Skincare products can order directly online and delivered in a safe, contact-less delivery. If you are unsure which products will suit you or you had more questions about the products, no worries, book a FREE online consultation via ZOOM.

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We are a Medi-Health Spa that uses unique but well researched and used technology to help people look and feel great, for the face and the body. Using Slim UP® Centre by Sauna Italia which is using what is traditionally medical equipment like electrostimulation, infrared and ultrasound technology to destroy fat with painless treatments. Scientifically proven to help your body shape, tone, slim, detox, rejuvenate and recover. We can help take care of your face using our amazing Facials and Appearance Medicine Options with Breakthrough Technology as well as the more traditional kind like anti-wrinkle injections and fillers. Although we are closed until level 2, we are offering online shopping with our skincare as well as FREE online skincare consultations.

Additional Information

1. Payment via debit or credit card via our website. 2. Delivery will be as per courier guidelines and Project Physique does not take any responsibilities on how there delivery is carried out.